Our Mission

When you’re not training, you’re thinking about how to do it better. Whether that’s tweaking your technique, dialing in your diet, putting on the perfect pre-game playlist or of course, your lucky socks.

Anything for an edge. Anything to keep you going longer and stronger. Anything for that “I just killed it” feeling. We get it. Because we do it, too.

We started BeyondRX to help everyday athletes feel great, perform better, recover faster & keep on doing what they love. That’s why we make proactive care for the entire active process: prep, performance, recovery & repeat. Created by a pro-athlete-turned-pharmacist, our products are built to activate, support & enhance your body’s natural physiological functions before, during and after activity. Because the process makes the performance. So stay primed to outperform.

Our Founder

Dr. Errick Craven

As a professional athlete for over a decade, I was expected to perform at my highest level—not just once, but day in and day out. For years, I actively sought out ways to optimize my body and performance, trying countless products and approaches.

My passion and curiosity with optimizing performance didn’t stop after my athletic career ended. Throughout pharmacy school and my early years as a pharmacist, I was exposed to regiments and chemicals correlated directly to the biomechanics and physiological aspect of the body, gaining a whole new understanding of what the body needs and how to get it.

That’s when I decided to apply my pharmaceutical knowledge to sport enhancement ideology. I realized that I wasn’t the only athlete out there who spend their free time plotting how to be better. So I wanted to share a better approach that emphasizes the entire process of performance and works with your body’s physiology.

BeyondRx ActiveCare is the sum of everything I’ve learned, both as a professional athlete undergoing world-class training and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD).


- Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from University of the Pacific

- 10 year European professional basketball player

- Silver Medal at 2009 FIBA Africa World Championship

- NBA G-League

- Led Pac-12 in steals for 3 consecutive seasons

- 4 Year Starter for USC Basketball

- McDonald's All-American

The process makes the performance

When it comes to your health (and your results), it's all in the details. Here's how we're different.

Created by Athletes, for Athletes

We know the lengths you go to shave a few seconds off your time. The way you push through because you just can’t quit. The incomparable feeling of being in flow. We know exactly what you need because we need it, too. We’re lifelong athletes who set out to create the tools we’ve always been missing and change the way we all approach performance forever.

Proactive Approach to Performance

We believe in caring for your body all the time--not just when it hurts. Our products work to not only prevent pain, but to improve your performance and keep your body at its peak. So you can get right back out there and do it all again.

Smart Science Made Simple

As a pharmacist, our founder formulated each product with a unique understanding of how your body works and the active ingredients that will support and enhance it. Every ingredient in our products serves a purpose in your performance. We explain it to you in easy-to-understand terms, so you know exactly what you’re getting and why it works every time.

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