Proactive care for the entire active process

BeyondRX makes active care products that help everyday athletes feel great, perform better, recover faster & keeps you doing what you love.

What everyday athletes are saying...

  • "Honestly, at first I was skeptical about a patch (HONED) that would give me energy and stimulate weight loss, but after using it, I felt a steady stream of energy that kept me going throughout the day and got me through my workout. Knowing it was increasing my metabolism to burn more fat was an added benefit."

    - Ana Trejo, ICU Nurse Practioner - Avid Cyclist

  • "I still love working out regularly, however over time the soreness and body aches gets old and prevents me from working out consistently. When I used the pain patch (EASE), it alleviated the muscle aches, getting me back to what I do best: hoop!"

    - Dijon Thompson, Former NBA player, International basketball professional, BIG3 athlete, and skills coach

  • "Prior to participating in any form of physical activity, it is essential to prepare the body. Good blood flow activates the muscle groups, distributing nutrients, and most importantly oxygen. As a result, it lengthens our time to fatigue which allows us to be active longer before our muscle forces us to stop"  

    - Dr. Karim Quattara, Former Professional Athlete, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Team PT in the Reunion Premier League

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